Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've never been excited to see superhero movies in my life. Ever. Ironically, the first video cassette that my dad bought me was Batman. When I was 5 and living in the Borneo, he went to Singapore and bought us many, many great stuff. We each got a pair of roller blades, a video cassette (my sister got The Little Mermaid, me Batman, my big brother got We're Back and my little brother got The Land Before Time). We also got a video game console which I think was a Nintendo although I'm not quite sure.

My dad also bought himself an electric razor, which was the end of our 3-hour haircut-session era.

Now, I'm so very excited to see Hancock, the latest superhero movie starring Will Smith. It's Will Smith, so it has to be good. His last movie was I Am Legend, and to me it was pretty nifty. Although the best film I've seen in the cinema this year is Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis (which is the bestselling French film of ALL TIME, easily beating out Amélie), but I Am Legend comes in a close second.

Can't wait to see Hancock. It'll be out on 9th of July. Although at that time I'll be in Italy with some Irish girl (oops did I just blurt out my secret summer travel plan?), I'll still be scouring around Milan, or Florence, or whichever Italian city I'm at, to watch the film. I must. I must.


maberik said...

wow i thought u've ditched this blog already after all this time. welcome back!

Hancock? i'm now infinitely excited about The Dark Knight i could come at any second.

Kahuna said...

wow, that's um... smutty.

i haven't been to the cinemas in ages, so i can't really make film reviews based on what i heard from others who've actually seen the movies. that's why i didn't update.

the dark knight? yeah, we'll see how hancock goes. if i like it, maybe i'll try watching the dark night. y'know, as much as i'd like to stick to my superhero movies embargo, i also want to broaden my cinematic horizon.


maberik said...

if there's only *one* superhero movie that u have to choose, make it TDK.

trust me on this dude. it's just impossible for the movie to be "not good". haha

Kahuna said...

really? okay. i'm gonna trust you on this one, just like i trusted you on Zodiac, which i watched right after you reviewed it. i found it excellent.

but if TDK sucks, i swear i'll empty my bank account and take the first flight to malaysia just to kick your ass. haha.

Ajami Hashim said...

welcome back bro!

p/s: hancock aku tgh donlod! best erk?