Thursday, March 10, 2011

Damien Hirst is full of shit

Damien Hirst is full of shit. He's like the Lady Gaga of the art world, selling shock value instead of bona fide works of art. Of course art can be anything. You can spit onto the pavement and call it art. You can tear a piece of cloth in two, sew the pieces back together, name it "Patched Love" and consider it art. Art is everything and nothing, so where do we draw the line? I don't have the slightest idea, but I still think Damien Hirst just full of shit.

I don't care about his shark preserved in a tank. That's not art. That's just... fish, in a tank, preserved in formaldehyde. Just because some stupid rich guy commissions him to do whatever he likes and is willing to fork out millions of dollars for it doesn't make it art.

And the diamond-encrusted platinum skull? I could have done that, if I had enough money to buy 14 million pounds worth of diamonds, and a platinum skull. Whatever happened to modest sculptures conveying emotions and meaning? Art shouldn't be expensive to produce, it should become expensive due to people's appreciation. Today, artists throw insane amount of money down the drain so as to spark people's interest, urging them to say "I could feed my whole country with the money from that diamond-encrusted skull", creating some sort of awe around it thus further increasing its value, while one extremely crucial matter is completely being overlooked: the beauty of the so-called piece of art itself. But sadly, it doesn't have any. It's all about the money needed to produce it. Which is why Damien Hirst is full of shit. And Charles Saatchi is full of shit for being the enabler of this lunacy. And Tate Modern is full of shit for feeding off of Hirst's madness by displaying his stupid works.

If you're not sure why I'm ranting, here's a link you should check out :

If those are not shitty works of 'art', I don't know what is.

p/s : Haters like me are probably perpetuating the buzz about Damien Hirst because let's face it, good reviews or bad reviews, still all press is good press. And ranting haters are the positive factor in a celebrity's longevity, because once people stop hating you, it's because you've fallen into irrelevance and people no longer care. But still, I felt the need to vent about Damien Hirst because for so many years I've been bugged by the mere mention of his name, and naturally, it all snowballed into extreme hatred over time.


WP said...

From the link, I think only the last two are what I could consider art...not that I think they're any good. (I've never been able to appreciate art anyway lol)

Kahuna said...

I'm pretty conventional when it comes to art. For me, art can be anything as long as it's beautiful. These 'artworks' are not.