Monday, September 26, 2011


If there's one thing I don't mind splurging for, it's food.

I'm a firm believer that you are what you eat, and that's why I don't buy junk food. I don't buy chips, I don't drink a lot of soda, I don't eat instant food, and I eat lots of veggies even those that I hate (like endives). I can see myself paying for exorbitantly priced seafood like lobster in a Michelin-starred restaurant, but I can never see myself owning things like an iPad or a luxury car. People say it's crazy to spend so much on food because it only lasts 30 seconds in your mouth, 8 hours in your intestines, and forever around your waistline. But I think it's crazier to spend so much on electronic gadgets because seriously, I don't see how an iPad is so different from a laptop that a person would need both. A friend of mine, an iPad owner, told me, "With a laptop, you have to flip the top open for it to function, but with an iPad you can just touch the screen to activate it, and it makes life so much simpler." Yeah, of course, I can see how your unwillingness to take 2 seconds to flip open your laptop justifies your purchase of the iPad.

So now, are we all agreeing that splurging on food is better than splurging on other stuff? Good.

Because I just purchased two different kinds of truffles and they cost me a lot and I refuse to feel guilty that I just used the taxpayers' money to buy them. I've never tried truffles before, and I've heard a lot about them. Today, I saw those fancy small truffle-filled jars so I just picked two of them, closed my eyes, and made the purchase.

I'll tell you how it tastes when I find the courage to actually pry those jars open.


WP said...

Haha, all this to tell us that you bought truffles? Okay, I'll be waiting for your review! ;) (since I've never had truffles before, either...)

Sir Pök Déng said...

Now you sound like me, except the electronic gadget part: I love gadgets.

I don't care if I dress like an abject beggar, as long as I eat delicious food all the time. Forget about the price I have to pay; good food means happiness.

So you're tasting truffles. I'll do that on caviar.

Anonymous said...

hat kau beli tu truffles gred rendah sebab dalam botol. muahahah

-hakim rawang

Farah said...

eh but truffles are found by pigs kan? so if their noses tersentuh with the truffles how? ke ni yg grown by the farmers punya? if halal macam menarik je :) it's the most expensive/luxurious food kan? even Gordon Ramsey pun macam terliur when they did the episode on truffles kat Masterchef US (S2) :)

TheBentPencil said...

nowadays not many truffle hunters use pigs, because pigs eat the truffle they find (dasar haiwan tamak! lolol). even if the farmer used pigs--as soon as the pigs stop and detected the truffle in the soil, the farmer quickly scoops up the truffle away from the snout. if it touched, the pig wouldv'e gobbled it whole.

in the mordern days they use specially-trained dogs to hunt for truffles. The hokum, i reckon, is similar to using dogs to hunt deers and peasants.

with that info, I bid thee toodles and good day sir! <--speaking like a true truffle-eater