Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Somebody Fire This Casting Director

Just saw the cast for the upcoming movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

This is what we call a miscast galore. DiCaprio as Gatsby? No. Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan? I don't know who that guy is, but since Baz Luhrmann is Australian, it's only fair that he puts one of his people in the top billings. Isla Fisher is plain annoying, but that's not the main problem with her casting. In the book, Myrtle Wilson is a plump lady. If Hollywood's idea of plump is Isla Fisher, then I reckon that America's obesity problem is just an overblown affair because the obesity threshold is Tina Fey.

After Aishwarya Rai and Freida Pinto, Hollywood realized that putting bigwig Indian actors in their films is an easy way to tap into a massive market of a billion Indian cinema-goers, which explains Anil Kapoor's lame-ass role in Mission Impossible 4. And now, they are putting Amitabh Bhachan in the role of a Jewish master gambler, because you know, Indians and Jews look so much alike they can play each other in movies if it means big bucks for the producers. Next thing you know they'll be putting Natalie Portman in the role of Mowgli from The Jungle Book.

The only good thing going on for this movie is Tobey Maguire. It's far from a spot-on casting but next to the others, the casting of Tobey as Nick Carraway looks like that of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

Gemma Ward doesn't count as an actress because she is a languid girl in real life. And she's Australian, so she most probably was personally handpicked by Luhrmann.

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