Tuesday, October 04, 2011

First World Problem: Soggy Cereal

A friend was telling me something about his not so exciting life and he started his sentence with, "I poured some cereal and milk into a bowl, then I had to do some stuff and totally forgot about it. When I came back, my cereal had become soggy so I threw it out, and rushed to school. Which is why I'm feeling really hungry now."

Boring story, I know. But when was the last time someone came up to you at 8 o'clock in the morning with a kick-ass, life-changing story? As far as I know, all people have to offer that early in the morning is crankiness. And bad morning breath.

My resolution this year is to always look at the bright side of things. So I managed to find something interesting in that unbelievably mundane story, which is: Why would anyone throw away soggy cereal?

Cereal has always been my favourite breakfast ever. When I was 5, I even asked my mom to pack Koko Krunch in my kindergarten lunch bag. But cereal can get too hard on the gum, sometimes causing mine to bleed. So I'd always wait for the cereal to get real soggy before eating it, something I still do up to this day. The benefits of eating soggy cereal are four-fold:

1) You can eat it with minimal chewing, thus minimising energy waste.
2) No harm to the gum.
3) More time for the milk to absorb the taste of the cereal, so in the end you'll get a bowl of milk with great chocolatey taste (or whatever taste your cereal has).
4) Have you ever eaten cereal in front of the TV and you couldn't hear a damn thing because of the loud, crunchy chewing noise? With soggy cereal, you can eat it while watching TV without any hearing impairment.

So, as an advocate of soggy cereal, I encourage every one of you to stop being a brat who throws out perfectly good food for nothing because soggy cereal is, hands down, better than crisp, crunchy cereal.

Besides, if you hate soggy cereal so much, why do you even bother with the milk?


WP said...

Haha...but I don't like soggy cereal :P My mother isn't a fan of milk, so when we were small we never had our cereal with milk. We just poured it onto a plate and ate it by picking it up with our fingers. Then with TV, we found out about adding milk. It still isn't an everyday breakfast thing for me, though. I just have it once in a while.

A way to solve the problem would simply be to eat the cereal immediately after adding the milk. But yeah...I guess we wouldn't get chocolate milk in the end :P

Kahuna said...

If you eat the cereal immediately after adding milk, then it's as if you're eating it right out the box.

I developed lactose intolerance in my teenage years, so I can't really drink that much milk. So now I try to eat cereal during the weekends when I know I'll be home the whole morning, in case I get an upset stomach.

TheBentPencil said...

kinda the same with me though, dear Kahuna.

I got the lactose intolerance thing, and the only reason the milk was in that bowl is to make the Koko Krunch float to the top and look like a lot.

Middle-class first world problem--can't afford to buy that much cereal, yet wants to look cool eating them anyway. Haha!

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