Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Home

Extreme Makeover Homemade Edition.

I'm pretty pleased with what I've done with this blog. It represents everything about my origins, down to the littlest details.

And I have a feeling it's going to stay this way for quite a while. Get used to it.

By the way, I changed the name of this blog because The Couch Potato Diary just doesn't have the same ring to it anymore.


Hazirah Mustaffa Kamal said...

like it!

NZ said...

how can i say.

wow! like it :)) how do u do that? i like the colour, so shining. the design. everything, i like :))

Anonymous said...

The view from the phone seems neat n clean too. Btw thumbs up for ur header. Its nice. Bhahaha.

farah said...

Ashram? sounds so Yoga-ish :)