Saturday, January 07, 2012

Annoying People Part MM: I Just Unfriended Some People on FB

Once I saw a guy's status on Facebook which went something like this:

"Phew. I just deleted 30 people on Facebook because they are annoying f**ks."

What's that? A warning to your remaining friends? Like we'd be all "Shit this guy's on an unfriending spree, I better behave now lest he'll delete me too!".

By all means, if you want to unfriend people, do it. But you don't have to be an asshole and announce it to your remaining friends like they should give a shit. It makes you look self-important, as though we should be thankful to still be on your friend list.

I know Shakespeare said the world is but a stage and we're all actors, but that doesn't mean we should all consider ourselves celebrities. Life is not Hollywood. Being unfriended by you doesn't mean I'm going to spiral into complete irrelevance.

In other words, your self-esteem can use a little dial-down, so eat some humble pie and be thankful that some people still want to be friends with you.

Because you, Mister, are also an annoying f**k.

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